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There was an unexpected event of handball match in World Handball Championship in 2013. The final of World Handball Championship was between Denmark and Spain. Spain overcame Denmark and the star country of hanball also won the match by a wide margin score ,which Spain was 35 and Denmark was 19. Completely the difference of score was 16. It is a new and strong record which is the most difference between two team in the World Handball Championship. The first part of World Handball Championship ended up with 18 – 10 and Spain was seen the winner.

Joan Canellas recorded 7 goals so he was the the most scorer player in the handball match

On the other hand the star of handball Denmark Mikkel Hansen only recorded 2 goals in the handball match. Denmark lost 18 goals during the all time of the match and Denmark scored the goals about 40 percentage of shots. Unfortunately, this sitation did not prevent the historical difference in the handball match.

On the other hand, Spain and Denmark played a match last year European Championship in the 27th of January but Denmark won the match ,which Denmark was 25 and Spain was 24 ; also, this match was one of the contentious match in the world in 2013.

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