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Major Organization – European Handball Championship 2018

Host country was Croatia

The 2018 European Handball Championship was held as the thirteenth when Croatia was hosted for the second time between 12-28 January 2018. On September 20, 2014, Croatia was given the right to host the tournament at the EHF congress in Dublin. Spain won the tournament by defeating Sweden with 29-23 score.

France takes third place and Denmark takes fourth place in the championship. Of course, it’s the most important organization in European continent. The best teams are challenging in this tournament. As a result, handball is one of the most popular organizations of the world under today’s world.

Handball in World

Today, Handball attracts a great deal of attention especially in Europe. ASO BAL Liga in Spain, Handball Bundesliga in Germany, Handball Elit Serien in Sweden, and TDC Ligaen in Denmark are the local leagues playing at the highest level. Korea is the only team that can take the world and Olympic championship out of European continent in modern handball. The Koreans, who are the best in Asian continent in both men and women, have been able to confront the giants of Europe, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Russia, Denmark, Norway and France.

It is a handball game, one of the popular games that have come so far from the old times as the day-to-day. It is known that the history of the handball game dates back to Ancient Greece, and it is even claimed that the first time this game was played is the 600th anniversary of Milat.

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