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Handball World Championship 2017

Team sports are always favorites of crowds. Handball never become most popular sport but it has a popularity trend in these days.

Many reasons made this popularity trend but all we sure that one of the main reasons are excitment and great stories of Handball World Championship.

Handball World Championship 2017 was passed like all before ones, challange, tear, goals and with a winner. Hosting country of Handball World Championship 2017 was France. Hosting country had played against Norway at final game of the tournament and they won the final game 33-26

Mens Handball World Championship 2017’s final game was between strong France and Norway. France won the game 33-26 and they made the throphy stayed in hosting country. 25th Handball World Championship Final was at AccorHotels Arena in capital Paris.

France was the last champion of the tournament and they really wanted to keep that title with them. Last champion was leading the game after first half (18-17). Norway had too many chances to lead the game but second half they didn’t make it what they want.

France showed better performance than first half and the gap got bigger. Second half has finished 15-9 and France kept his last champion title.

Norway had played first final game of the Mens Handball World Championships history. They went back their country with silver medal and Slovenia got the third place of tournament who won the game 31-30 against Croatia.

France had 5 Mens Handball World Championship title and now they made it 6.

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