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Handball in Europe

Handball is a kind of sport which is so widespread in some countries in Europe.

Since many games playing in the Middle Age except handball, it represents the history of 600 years of handball played firstly. However, it took a long time for the handball to take shape today and it was found in the 19th century. In 1848, Danish Holger Nielsen, a physical education teacher in Denmark, began to play a game with his own rules. This game was called Handball spiel.

General Rules of Handball Sport

Handball, which is a game, is usually played in closed gyms. Handball, a hand-played game, takes 30 minutes per cycle. This sport, with 7 people in each team, is played officially in more than 150 countrie. Speed and power are among the sought – after features in the game, where creation or appearance is based on very old times. The main purpose of the handball sport is to score the goal to the opponent. Handing the ball is among the most basic movements of the game.

It is forbidden in the game that the ball does not touch the area under the knee. While each half is played for 30 minutes in male handball teams, this time is 25 minutes in women. Teams are free to change as many players as they wish during the match. As a handheld game, it is forbidden for players to interfere with the ball on their feet or knees. This right belongs only to the goalkeeper. Finally, the most successful countries in Handball are Germany, Sweden and Denmark for men. On the other hand, when we look at the major rankings for women, we will see Germany, Russia, Hungary , Norway and Romania in the first five places on IHF World Rankings.

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