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Handball Betting and Betting Rules

You want to bet on a handball game? Then you need to be sure of the rules. Otherwise your bets may be void and your money may be burned before it is processed. Here we will talk about the rules of handball betting today.

Handball Betting Rules

Please check our other titles for more detailed information. And, to remind you again, please learn the exact rules of play before you place your bets.

Match Result

One of the bets on how the handball competition will result and which team will win the match is the Match Final Bet. If the match is not completed the bets will be canceled.

Match Result (Including Additions and Penalties)

The normal duration of the encounter is assessed by the system as winning the bets played on the winner of the game as a result of the extension circuit and penalty shoot-outs. If the match is not completed, the bets are canceled and returned to the accounts.

Point Handicap

At the end of the match, the total numbers the teams receive, the addition of the designated handicaps, and the winning and losing bets are determined by the system. If the match is not completed, all bets on this option will be canceled.

Double Chance

This bet is played by selecting 2 valid options from a total of 3 options for the match. Options: “Home win or draw ends” / “Home or away team wins” / “Disengagement team wins or ends draw”. If the match is not completed all bets on this handicap player will be canceled by the system.

Match Result and Bottom / Top

In order for such bets to be won, both the winning team and the lower bets must be accurately predicted by the player. If the match is not completed the lower / upper bets are deducted from the calculations and any other open bets are canceled.

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