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Free Handball Live Streaming

Handball; a sport directed by a referee and controlled by two equal referees. The players are allowed to touch the ball with all parts of their bodies, except the lower part of knee and feet. Only goalkeeper can hit the ball with foot, when the ball come towards to handball goal. In any case, the goalkeeper is alone in the goal area, and is not allowed to go out of this area. The ball scored when the ball enters the net completely. According to the rules, the ball is taken from the opponent, with the hands open, without hitting and forcing, it is also free to interfere with the opponent’s body. Hanging, pulling, shouldering is forbidden. Faults are punished with free throw, 7 m throw, corner throw and referee throw.

Free throw takes place from the place, where the mistake is made or free throw-line; 7m throw line. Corner throw is made from the corner, where the ball crosses the goal line, from the corner where the side line intersects with the goal line.

Free Handball Live Streaming

The only address of watching free and uninterrupted handball is You can watch handball matches without any problem. Although, nowadays sometimes we can’t watch sport competition free of charge , it is possible to follow these matches via internet. It is a pity that we can’t subscribe some channels, which are paid broadcast, and it is difficult to pay high fee for some people.

When handball becomes the only adrenaline and the only entertainment for handball fans, it can be quite annoying that can’t watch the matches. Actually, it is great that to watch live matches on the internet. Thus, you can watch handball matches free of charge.  If you want to live handball pleasure uninterruptedly, you can visit Free handball live streaming can be watched on perfectly. You can also follow highlights, comments about handball matches on

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