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The Dynamics of Modern Handball

Today’s Handball World

Like many other sports, the dynamics of modern handball are so different from other sports. But, there is a similarity with the others, it’s the important investments factor. Handball teams and leagues started to get amazing investments from different investors who are from different regions of the world.

Handball, as played today, was developed from similar games played in Germany, Denmark and Sweden in the 1920s. After taking part in the demonstration in the 1936 and 1952 Olympics, he was taken to the Olympic Games in 1972. International Handball Federation (FIH), handball is a worldwide organization.

Modern Leagues

Today, Handball attracts a great deal of attention especially in Europe. ASO BAL Liga in Spain, Handball Bundesliga in Germany, Handball ElitSerien in Sweden, and TDC Ligaen in Denmark are the local leagues playing at the highest level. Korea is the only team that can take the world and Olympic championship out of European continent in modern handball. The Koreans, who are the best in Asian continent in both men and women, have been able to confront the giants of Europe, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Russia, Denmark, Norway and France.

Handball, which is the second most popular sport in Africa after football, has made great strides in the Black Continent in recent years. In Egypt, the host country was ranked 4th in the World Men’s Handball Championship in 1999 and in 2005, Tunisia had the first place to enter the championship in its own country. Finally, we can say, the handball sport has taken a lot of serious investments from different regions of the world at the last years in our modern world. As a result of that , the challenge and rivalry are increasing day by day, especially in international tournaments and games.

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