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2016 European Men’s Handball Championship

Europe Handball Championship: In handball the greatest team of Europe is Germany. Germany became champion by defeating Spain at 2016 Europe Handball Championship final match.

Germany became the champion in the 2016 European Men’s Handball Championship in Poland. German handball players defeated Spain with the score 24-17. German team’s championship was enthusiastically celebrated in Germany. Here are some comments and explanations about victory:

Joachim Gauck (Germany President): “You have won a great victory as the youngest team of tournament. Your success made all German people happy. “

Dagur Sigurdsson (German National Handball team trainer): “It is a great feeling. The team was really splendid. Now it is time to thank everybody.  We focused on success and won a victory.  This success was not coincidence. We had worked for a year and a half and reached success.

Andreas Wolf: “We have played well, especially our defence was perfect. The Spanish weren’t bad, but we won at the end of the game”.

Oliver Roggisch (German National Handball team manager): “It is very difficult to explain all of these. I can say Andreas Wolf played perfectly, he couldn’t be better. I am proud of team, trainer, everybody. Our young players were awesome. “

Bob Hanning (Vice president of German Handball Federation): “We showed a great performance. This team wrote a history. Dagur Sigurdsson trained the team in the most correct way and he has a great role in this victory. “

Stefan Kretzschmar (a former national football player, the counsel of ARD Television): I have never impressed like this. It is unbelievable and awesome moment. Even I couldn’t imagine this championship. This championship was one of the greatest sensations of German handball”.

Franz Beckenbauer (a former football player, Sky90’ s commenter): “ Just super! Each match they performed better. Actually our team wasn’t one of the favourite team of championship. Discipline, working at a high tempo and faith have brought this championship.

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